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Vote for our float from the Santa Claus Parade

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the Oakville Santa Claus Parade yesterday and helped us show what “CHRISTIANS IN MOTION” look like. We hope you had fun!

If you missed the parade you can still catch it on COGECO on Saturday, November 28th at 3:00pm, and also on Cogeco Demand (Channel 602)

Oh, one last thing: DON’T FORGET TO VOTE for our float on the Santa Claus Parade website: Oakville Santa Claus Parade

Thank you from all of us, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


You have generously made financial donations to the Syrian Relief Fund of more than $1400.00 to date.  These funds have been channeled through the United Church aid agencies already established for several years on the ground in Jordan and Lebanon; this is a continuous fund and donations can be made through the Church Office or through the Offering Plates. Thank you.

Practical Assistance: Members of the Outreach Committee have been to many meetings and have discussed various ways in which we might participate in helping families already here in Canada or endeavouring to reach Canada. We have a sub-committee to investigate some ways to help, or join up with other organizations. Sponsoring a family is a long term commitment with large in-place financial requirements, but there must be opportunities to help in other ways. There is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Desk so that she may be in contact with you. It is important to form this sub-committee of congregation members and their friends and family with a desire to assist in this dreadful situation.

 WALTON’S Mitten Tree & White Gift Sunday!

14598729618_ff06eff2b1_bDuring the entire month of November 2015, the Walton Outreach Committee will have the two Mitten Trees up in Bronte Hall.

Click here for details on the MItten Tree!

We will celebrate White Gift Sunday on December 6th!

Click here for details about White Gift Sunday!


 WALTON’S NEW PHOTO DIRECTORY – Last day of photos!


Spaces available December 9, 2015 only!

See the event page for sign up info — Click here!

Book & Bible Studies

BibleDon’t miss all of the amazing studies — Click here for details

Click images to see studyies, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities!

Don’t miss!

Events @ Walton United Church  Events @ Walton United Church

THANK YOU from the Turkey Dinner Committee

Thank you to all those volunteers who made turkey dinner the success it was. We fed 600 people (275 ate in and  325  had Take Out) which is  down about 5%  from last year. Our profit is approximately $6,500.

We want to thank all the volunteers who contributed their time and talent to ensure the dinner went off smoothly, as well as the 4 volunteers from the Church of the Epiphany who helped contribute to its success, both by working and bringing some of their family and friends to have dinner.  In total, we had over 90 volunteers working over the weekend at the church, plus twenty five people who volunteered to cook a turkey. Thank you to the Senior Youth Group for packaging the cranberry containers and working some shifts on Sunday. We especially want to thank the coordinators, Sam Spares, Peter MacLean, Paul Fletcher, Craig Silva, Jerry Sproat, and Peter Hancock for their efforts.  In addition, we thank those who made and sold the delicious preserves and pickles we sold after the dinner.  An additional profit of $560 was made from these sales.  We have some preserves and pickles left over and will be selling them over the next few weeks in the Office. They make excellent Christmas gifts.  We also want to thank Ruth Perkins for delivering the leftover food to Wesley Urban Ministries.  Thanks to all of you. Volunteers at Walton are a major reason for the success of this church.



Once again anyone connected with the Walton congregation has the opportunity of making a special memorial gift to Walton at Christmas time. These memorials will all be listed in a special bulletin on Sunday, Dec. 20 and dedicated at both 9:30 & 11 am services. Suggestions from the Worship committee this year are:

~ Red or white poinsettias or white mums. If you buy poinsettias from the youth group, the flowers can be placed in the sanctuary for you.
~ The Walton Benevolent Fund (see below) Please contact the church office to make your donation, whether flowers or a Benevolent Fund donation, so that it can be recorded. The deadline for your donation to be included in the Dec. 20 bulletin is noon on Sunday, Dec. 13. We would not want to miss putting your gift in this special bulletin so please contact the office as soon as possible at 905-827-1643.


nativity-30571_1280HOW DOES WALTON HELP PEOPLE? It is a confidential fund, managed by Rev. Gill with help from the staff. It helps people in need because of illness, unemployment or an unexpected accident, setback or tragedy. Every year it helps many people in the congregation with financial and material assistance.

Because of the difficult economic situation Walton has helped a record number of its congregation struggling with financial worries. It also helps those in the community and occasional transients who stop by the church. In addition the fund assists any youth or adult in the congregation who cannot afford to attend a retreat or church event which involves a cost. It helps various local causes, organizations or activities which have emergent needs over the year. The money for this fund comes from two main sources: the largest is the Christmas memorial programme; the other is individual donors throughout the year. All gifts to this fund receive a tax receipt. The work of the fund and remains highly confidential to allow for anonymous support of people in need. For more information please speak to Rev. Gill.



September/October Upper Rooms are ready for purchase from the Archives Table near the front door of the Sanctuary.


If you have any blank paper (any colour) your company is discarding, the Church Office can make good use of the paper.  We can always us 8½ x 11 or 8½x14. if you have access to any spare paper, please contact the Church Office. We can use plain business envelopes (or window envelopes) with address labels, we cover over the previous name. Thank you!


Michael has made available copies of prints of Walton Church ($35.00) and Bronte Harbour ($25.00). Proceeds from the sale of all the prints go towards the Building & Maintenance Fund. These prints make wonderful gifts.


Beautiful handmade baby flannelette blankets are available for $25.00 through the Church Office. Various colours and patterns are available. Partial proceeds to the Walton Treasury


Available in the Church Office – $4.00 per jar. All proceeds to Walton Treasury to fund programs and ministries.


Available in the Church Office – $4.00 per jar. All proceeds to Walton Treasury to fund programs and ministries.


Lady Rose Pickles & 3 Pepper Relish – are available in the Church Office – $4.00 per jar. All proceeds to the Walton Treasury to fund programs and ministries.


“Baritone on Broadway” and “A Baritone Christmas” are both available at $10.00 each, purchase through the Office. All proceeds go to the Walton General Fund.


Aailable for purchase through the Church Office. Cost is $15.00. 50% of proceeds goes to the Walton General Fund.


Christmas Carols: Joy to the World. Mary, a simple girl, is visited by an angel who delivers some good news. She will give birth to a baby. This child would be the King, and His kingdom would last forever. That’s definitely a reason to be joyful! Luke 1:26-38


This week in Sunday school we will learn about an important character in the Gospels by acting out the main events of his life.

Friday, November 27 – Junior Youth will meet in Bronte Hall from 7pm to 9pm. Kathy Bailey has generously offered to come help us make some Christmas crafts.  Contact Susan at for more information.


Friday, November 27th, we are off to Bethlehem (“On the Way to Bethlehem” in Milton). For more information, please contact Wendy and Craig Silva at

This Week’s Events:

(See below for more events in the weeks ahead)


Yoga – Mon. 6:00pm in Bronte Hall
Centering Prayer – Mon. 7:15 in the Boardroom
Cubs – Mon. 7pm Gym
Venturers – Mon. 7pm Youth Hall

Quilters – Tues. 9:30am in the Bronte Hall
Morning Out — Tues. 10am in Youth Hall [Details]
Happiness Now! Book Study – 9:30 -11am in the Boardroom [Details]
Worship & Membership Committee meeting – Tues. 7:15pm in Bronte Hall All are welcome!
Happiness Now! Book Study –  7:00 – 8:30pm in the Boardroom [Details]

Scouts – Wed. 7pm Gym
Guy’s Night Out — Wed. 7:30pm at Bronte Harbour Yacht Club [Details]
“Broadway and Disney Favourites” — 7pm Sanctuary – Linda Fletcher and Gregory Cross’ students perform

Thursday Morning Bible Study — Thurs. 10:15am in Bronte Hall [Details]
Brownies — Thurs. 6:45pm in Bronte Hall
Junior Choir Practice – Thurs. 7:00-7:45pm in the Boardroom. [Details]
Youth Choir Practice — Thurs. 7:00pm-8:00pm in Sanctuary [Details]
Chancel Chor Practice — Thurs. 8:00pm-9:30pm in Sanctuary [Detials]

Junior Youth Group – Fri. 7:00pm-9:00pm — Putting Edge in Oakville [Details]
Senior Youth Group – Fri.7:00pm-10:00pm in Bronte Hall [Details]

Decorating the Sanctuary & Bronte Hall – Sat. 9:00am

December 9th is the last day for Photo Directory pictures!

2015 Photo Directory @ Walton United Church

Sign up today!

Click here for details!


Walton Sactuary Christmas

 On Saturday, November 28th, we could use your help in the morning anytime after 9:00am. We are decorating Walton and sorting the poinsettias and putting them in the Sanctuary to celebrate the lives of loved ones.

Click here for details!


Transfer of Membership – November 29th

TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29th – at either the 9:30 or 11:00am service. If you would like to transfer to Walton from another congregation, please contact the Church office. If you are a confirmed member of any other Christian denomination, you are able to transfer to Walton. For more information, please contact Rev. Gill or the Church Office.

Cookie Walk – December 5th

Support the UCW’S 43rd ANNUAL COOKIE WALK Saturday Dec. 5 at 1:00 pm.

Please help by baking cookies or by buying cookies.

Click here for details!


High school, university or college age youth — if you would be interested in being part of the Youth Confirmation Program at Walton for 2016, contact the church office by Tues., Dec. 1st, 2015.

Our gathering times will happen on various Sunday mornings following Teen Talk 11:00 am-12:30 pm.  The Youth Confirmation service will be in the Spring (April/May at the 9:30 am service).

If you have never been baptized this is not a problem. We encourage you, our youth, to pray on this and talk it over with your parents about this important decision in your faith journey. We hope you will consider this invitation to join with other teens your age, to grow in your faith, to learn more about God, and be part of the Youth Confirmation program. If you feel you need a little while to grow in your faith you are welcome to take part in the next confirmation class. Please let us know of your intention for the 2016 program by Dec. 1st, 2015. 

Monday Night Video Study: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Video Course

Announcing a New January 2016 Monday Night Video Study: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Eight sessions from Jan. 4 – Mar. 14,7:15 pm – 9 pm, including two spare nights in case of snow or illness

Click here for details!


See our Monthly Calendar for all upcoming events and activitiesUpcoming Events