Angel Garden Stones needed

Going to a Beach, near or far?

We walk this journey together, so we would like to share our journey together…. by each of us bringing a flat stone from a beach you are going to, or from a special place you would like to share with your church family.

We are receiving the stones from Feb. 14th to May 24th, we are hoping to dedicate the walkway and garden project before summer.

The idea is to fill the little walkway behind the trellis, where the Angel is at the front of the church, in the garden. We are asking for flat smooth stones from a beach you might visit on vacation, or from your cottage, or off Bronte Beach on a walk. The stones should be the size of your palm, to the size of your hand.

Please leave your stones in a bag in the office, do NOT add them to the walkway yourself.  

Could you also let us know what the beach is called and where it is located in Canada or beyond, email Rev. Gill with the details?  Contact Jim through the office –

Thanks for walking our journey together….