Benevolent Fund & Christmas Memorials

Christmas Memorials

Anyone connected with the Walton congregation has the opportunity of making a special Memorial Gift to Walton at Christmas time. These Memorial gifts will all be listed in a special bulletin on Sunday, December 23rd, 2018, and dedicated at the 9:30am & 11:00am service.

Suggestions of memorials this year are: red or white poinsettias or white mums, and donations to the Walton Benevolent Fund.

Poinsettia information available here:

Please contact the Church office to make your donation, whether it be Flowers or Benevolent Fund donations, so they can be listed in the bulletin as part of the dedication. You can submit your donation online, but please contact the office to give any details to be put into the bulletin –

The deadline for your donations to be included in the December 23rd bulletin, is 9:00am, Tuesday, December 18th, we would not want to miss putting your gift in this special bulletin, so please contact the Office as soon as possible

Benevolent Fund

What is the Benevolent Fund and how does it help people?Benevolent Fund

There have been requests to explain what this fund is all about.

Many people are not even aware of its existence. It is a confidential fund, managed by Rev. Gill, with help from the some of the other staff, to help people in need due to illness, unemployment, or some unexpected accident, setback, or tragedy.

Every year it helps people in this congregation in need through financial and material assistance. It also helps those in the community and occasional transients who stop by the Church looking for assistance. This fund helps any youth/adult in the congregation who cannot afford to attend a retreat, or church event that involves a cost, plus special organization needs in the community from time to time. The money for this fund comes from 2 main sources. The largest is the Christmas Memorial Program (see Winter edition of the Waltonian, and above notice on Christmas Memorials), and individual donors throughout the year. All gifts to this fund receive a tax receipt. The work of the fund remains highly confidential to allow for anonymous support of people in need.

For more information, please speak to Rev. Jim Gill 905-827-1643 or email

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