The Board Room is getting a new name! Vote now!

Voting is now closed! Thank you to everyone who voted!

The Walton Council sought requests for a new name and from the list they received, they narrowed it down to 3 names.

Please vote for your choice by January 31. Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

If you wish to vote using a paper ballot, you will find it in the bulletin. Please submit it to office, put it in the offering plate or in the lime green boxes at the Church entrances.For years the Room adjacent to the Choir Room and under the Chancel of the Church Sanctuary has been called “The Boardroom”. We no longer have a Board but a Council and none of the Walton Council or the other Committees meet in this room. The room is now used for Monday night Prayer Group, Health and Wellness Prayer Shawls, Senior Youth Group/Teentalk, various rentals especially for Vocal Music lessons and before service musical practices.