Church Center

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How to Get & Use Church Center

We use an app called “Church Center” to provide event information, sign-ups, and a way to connect with groups, workshops, and classes. You can find Church Center in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for Android devices.

Get the app!

1. Locate the app by searching “Church Center” in your app store. The developer’s name is “Planning Center.”

2. Open the app and follow the prompts. You’ll be asked to use your location (or enter an address) to find your church. You’ll see TONS of local churches use this app!

3. Find Walton Memorial United Church and click “This is My Church.”

4. Entering a phone number or email will look you up in the church’s database. If you are not in the church database, you’ll be asked a few extra questions.

5. You’ll be sent a confirmation code to make sure you’re you, not a hacker!

6. You’re in! Look around in the app to see giving opportunities, groups, and events. In the future, you can log in with a fingerprint or Face ID (if your device supports it), or if you’re on a new device, you will have to repeat these steps.

You can also use Church Center in your browser

1. Click the link above and Church Center will open in a new window.
2. Click Login
2. Enter your mobile phone number OR click ‘Use email address instead’ to begin logging in.
3. Your login code will be sent to you; do not close the web browser’s sign-in window when you go to retrieve the code.
4. Get the login code, return to the sign-in window, insert the code and click/tap “Next” to continue.