Photo Submissions

Tips for taking photos for the Walton screen

Almost all of the images on the screen during the Walton Sunday services come from people in the congregation. We’re very grateful to those who have previously provided photos for us to use and are always looking for more submissions. The following guidelines are intended to help anyone interested in taking photos for the screen by providing some tips for producing effective photos.

What sort of photos do we use?

  • Images of scenery and landscapes are used most often
  • Bronte, Oakville, and Burlington scenes are preferred, but images from around Ontario and Canadian are also used
  • Overseas imagery is used less often
  • Images representing an abstract theme (for example: love, joy, community) are frequently needed
  • Limit images where people are the focus point, unless it’s a photo of a Walton event
  • Seasonal images are preferred
  • We have a particular shortage of photos including or representing fire, angels and stars

How should I compose my photo?

  • Make sure the photo has a horizontal (landscape) aspect – this is vital!
  • If there is a focus to the photo (rather than a broader landscape), try to ensure it doesn’t take up more than half the image
  • If there is a detailed focus to the photo (for example: a statue, building or animal), try to ensure it isn’t in the centre of the image (either the left or right will work instead)
  • Try to keep about half the image as “clear” space that could have text overlaid (this can be with a shaded background as needed)
  • If people are in the image, avoid photos where the person is posing or the photo appears staged

How do I submit my photos?

  • Please provide full-sized image files (typically they should be approximately 2MB each)
  • Please include your name or the name of the person who took the photos for our image credit
  • Email photos to

For questions or suggestions, please talk to Gill Le Fevre –