Book Study – Happiness Now

7:00 pm

October 13, 2015

October 13th, October 27th, November 10th -- 9:30am - 11am or 7:00pm - 8:30pm

HAPPINESS NOW by Robert Holden Ph.D

Robert Holden is the Director of The Happiness Project and also Success Intelligence in the U.K. His work on happiness has been featured on BBC-TV documentaries and Oprah and shown in 16 countries.

A psychologist who believes in divine love as the solution to our problems, Robert Holden writes informatively and humorously from many different spiritual perspectives about our difficulty to feel happy and why that may be so.

He pinpoints all the reasons we hold ourselves back from being happy and gives guidance as to how to move toward it.

* Note: This study requires some inner reflection. The book is easy to read but intense, as it presents challenges to habitual thinking.

Dates: October 13th, October 27th, November 10th

Time: Offered at two different timeslots – 9.30-11am or 7.00-8.30pm
(will require 3 participants at each timeslot to go ahead)

Where: Boardroom, Walton United

Books available from for approx.$11

Please contact Sheree Anderson if you need help in ordering your book or wish to make enquiries.