Bring a Friend & Name Tag Sunday

Walton United Love
9:00 am

January 21, 2024

 Bring a friend! Wear a name tag! Make new friends!

Ever wonder what the name of the person you always say hi to each Sunday? You know she has a cute little shitsu dog, and her granddaughter goes to University in the Maritimes. She sits near the back pew…. you’ve been saying hi to her for almost a year, and you don’t even know her last name?

Well, make sure you are here on Bring a Friend Sunday/Name Tag Sunday on Sunday, Jan. 21st, and you won’t have to embarrass yourself by asking her what it is. You can read it on her nametag!

We encourage everyone of all ages to bring a friend, neighbour, family member, or co-worker with them to experience worship and fellowship at Walton. A time to share your special friendships. God has blessed us with friends from many different parts of our lives.

Everyone is welcome!

We will have special activities during Sunday School, Junior Youth and Teen Talk, and tasty treats for everyone to enjoy at coffee time.