Christmas Cookie Sale — Cookie Walk

Christmas Cookies Sale 2023
1:00 pm

December 2, 2023


Formerly known as the Cookie Walk

Saturday, December 2, 2023
1:00-2:30 pm

** Cash Only **

Christmas Cookies Sale 2023

An assortment of home-baked, festive holiday cookies, boxed and decorated ready for gift-giving.

Cookies: $12 per box (max 2)
Savoury snacks: $5 & $10 a jar
Treasure Trove: candles, gifts, seasonal decor

Bakers Needed

Most people will receive a phone call close to this date, reminding them to bake a batch or two of cookies for this popular event. We need as many cookies as we can get… you don’t have to wait for a phone call!  Please deliver cookies to the church between 7 & 8 pm on Fri. Dec. 1 or before 10 am on Sat. Dec. 2nd. If you can’t deliver, call the church for a pickup.


The tradition of cookie walks is not confined to Walton. This early December event is held at churches in the United States and Canada, and the format seems to be the same everywhere: long tables set end to end, covered with plates and trays of Christmas cookies. In 1973, the late Henny Degenhardt suggested Walton have a Cookie Walk. The U.C.W. phoned members of the congregation and asked them for twelve dozen fancy cookies (each!) to be delivered to the church on the first Saturday of December. Cookie-lined trays were set out on tables in Bronte Hall and people purchased an empty bakery box and filled it to the brim with As it was so successful, this is now the U.C.W.’s 43rd year. The U.C.W. does not ask for twelve dozen cookies anymore, as this can be intimidating; now one or two batches of fancy cookies are requested. The same people attend year after year to purchase their Christmas goodies, and last year the sale netted $1,470.00. The money raised goes back to the Church or Missions. Think of these traditions when someone from the U.C.W. calls in late November to ask you to donate some delicious cookies!

Thanks to Shirley Walmsley for providing information about the history of Walton’s Cookie Walk.