Sockfest 2023 – Fishers of Socks

10:00 am

September 24, 2023

During the 10am service

Sockfest — “Be Fishers of Socks” 

How’s your aim? See if you can hit the nets.

On Sunday, September 24, the Walton Outreach Committee welcomes your participation in our “Fishers of Socks” event.

We ask you to bring some, new, warm/thermal winter socks for us to catch in our nets.

We will give your donations to Folks on our streets this coming winter season.

We’ll be in the Sanctuary with our nets to catch the socks and as well have baskets around.

Let’s have some fun, while we’re doing some good.

Fact: In a survey of unfortunate street people, the top-ranked item wanted was warm, dry socks.”

A project of your Outreach Committee.