Spirituality of Water – 5-week workshop

7:15 pm

February 26, 2018

7:15pm to 8:30pm

Spirituality of Water
Five-Week Mini Series Workshop

Monday, February 26th to March 26th, 2018
7:15PM – 8:30PM

Facilitated by: Reverend Alexandra Arden

In this five week reflection group, we will explore the symbolism and meaning of water roam a biblical and spiritual perspective. We will engage in reflective discussions on:

 Water’s definition and meaning
 What does Water represent in the Bible
 What is the Water of Life in the Bible
 Why is Water used as a Symbol of God’s Holy Spirit
 What is Spiritual Importance of Water

Scripture Readings:
1. Book of Revelation 21:6 and 22:1
2. John 7:37; 4:14
3. Ephesians 5:26
4. Isaiah 55
5. Ezekiel 36:25

At the end of each session we will spend five minutes in silence, meditating on the sounds of water and how these sounds resonate and move within our souls!