Virtual Service – June 12, 2022

2:00 pm

June 12, 2022

Today’s service will be offered in 2 formats – video and text. 

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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th  and we’re celebrating with an “Ice Cream Sunday.” Enjoy a scoop of delicious ice cream or vegan gelato at coffee hour following the service.

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Children and youth are invited to view this week’svirtual Sunday School lesson online. This week we’ve got a lot to celebrate!

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Land Acknowledgement

As we gather today on these treaty lands, we are in solidarity with Indigenous brothers and sisters to honour and respect the four directions, lands, waters, plants, animals and ancestors that walked before us, and all of the wonderful elements of creation that exist. We acknowledge and thank the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation for being stewards of this traditional territory.


Jim:  Good morning and welcome to this special service of celebration. And it’s Trinity Sunday too, right?

Val:   It sure is, and it’s our Grade 3 Bible presentation today too.  It is three celebrations in one!

Jim:   Does that mean we get three cakes at coffee time outside?

Val:    Actually no, nice try Jim.  We have one cake for after the service, which we will be sharing with “one another.” But you know, if there is cake left over and you are good, you might be able to have three small pieces.

Jim:    Yes! Let’s start the service,  ‘cause the quicker we do, the quicker we get to cake time.

Hymn: “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty” vs. 1 & 4 315VU

Call to Worship

One:   What do you do, when God calls?
All:     Wake up. Listen. Act.
One:   What do you do when God asks you to do something difficult?
All:     Wake up. Listen. Act.
One:   What do you do when God asks you to do something impossible?
All:     Wake up. Listen. Act.Because, with God, nothing is impossible!
One;   Even changing ourselves?
All:     Even changing the world.Wake up. Listen. Act.
One:    And, with all this living,
All:      we worship God.
( by Richard Bott, and posted on Sharing Liturgy)

Opening Prayer

One:  Let us pray to our one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Father, you sent your Word to bring us truth and your Spirit to make us holy. Through them we come to know the mystery of life. Help us to worship you, one God in three Persons, by proclaiming and living our faith in you. Amen.
(Adapted from the liturgy for Trinity Sunday)

Val light the first wick on the candle.

Connor:   (Place the globe down on the table next to the candle)
We honour God as Father and Creator of all that is, all that is seen and unseen. All things come into being as an outpouring of the abundant love that the Father shares with the Son and the Spirit. Creation is a gift from the love of the Father.

Please respond: Glory to the Father!

All:   Glory to the Father!

Val light the second wick on the candle.

Grant:  (Place the Bible down on the table next to the candle)
We honour God as Son who is the Word of God made flesh. Christ is more than words on pages; rather, Christ is the living Word of God spoken eternally from the heart of God and through all the ages. The Bible is a gift inspired by the Son who is the living Word of God. Please respond: Glory to the Son!

All: Glory to the Son!

Val: Light the third wick on the candle.

Alison:  (Push in the model of the church and place near the table the candle in on)

We honour God as Holy Spirit who lives in the Church and builds us up into the body of Christ. A church of brick and mortar is only a sign of the true Church made of living stones. We are those living stones that become the Church – the body of Christ – by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The living Church is a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit who is working to transform all of creation into the image of God. Please respond: Glory to the Holy Spirit!

All: Glory to the Holy Spirit!

The Lord’s  Prayer –  Video

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Youth Hymn:  “Praise our Maker”  vs. 1316VU

Youth Story – 3 in 1

Today is Trinity Sunday, as you heard Rev. Jim say. That idea of one God in three different forms can be confusing, so Val and Alison are reading a great story to the children, which explains it in a really neat way, by comparing it to apples. The book is called, “A Picture of God: 3 in 1,” and it’s written by Joanne Marxhausen. You can watch it being read here, if you like.

An apple has three parts: peel, flesh, and core. The peel is apple. The flesh is apple. The core is apple. But the peel, flesh, and core are not three apples; they are parts of one apple.

God has three parts or persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Father is God. Jesus Christ, the Son, is God. The Holy Spirit is God. But the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not three gods; they are parts of one God.

And just like the peel, flesh, and core of the apple each serve a purpose, so too do the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The peel protects the apple and God the Father protects us. Jesus was God in flesh, and we are reminded of that by the flesh of the apple. The core of the apple contains seeds which get buried, grow, and bear fruit. Jesus was buried, and rose from the dead with new life, just as an apple seed sprouts from the ground as a new tree.

When you plant an apple seed in the ground, you can’t see it growing, but you believe an apple tree will grow from it. That’s faith in an apple seed. When you believe that Jesus died to save you, that’s faith in Jesus. God the Holy Spirit puts faith in our hearts, and keeps it alive and growing. Isn’t that amazing?

Moving Up and Bible Presentation

Glenda: We have more to celebrate today than just Trinity Sunday. We are celebrating many of our Sunday School and Youth Group kids who are moving on up. Our grade 5 Sunday School students will be in Grade 6 in the fall, and that means they move up to Junior Youth Group. Congratulations to:


And of course our Grade 8 Junior Youth kids are moving up to high school and Senior Youth Group in the fall. Congratulations to:


Val: Last but not least, our Grade 12s are starting the first chapter of their adult lives. Some are off to college and university, while others are upgrading high school marks, taking a gap year to travel, or joining the workforce full time. Blessings to:

Alison: And there’s one more special group of people we’d like to recognize this morning, our Grade 3 Sunday School kids. Finishing Grade 3 is a big milestone at Walton, because it marks the time when you are ready to have your own Action Bible, to read God’s word for yourself. I’m so proud of all our Grade 3s this year: two Connors, Keaton, MacKenzie, Maya, and Norah. God bless you all.

Hymn: Go My Children With My Blessing” (on screen)

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 145: 1-7, John 16: 12-15

Psalm 145: 1-7

A psalm of praise. A psalm of David.
I will honor you, my God the King.
I will praise your name for ever and ever.
Every day I will praise you.
I will praise your name for ever and ever.
Lord, you are great. You are really worthy of praise.
No one can completely understand how great you are.
Parents praise your works to their children.
They tell about your mighty acts.
They speak about your glorious majesty.
I will spend time thinking about your wonderful deeds.
They speak about the powerful and wonderful things you do.
I will talk about the great things you have done.
They celebrate your great goodness.
They sing for joy about your holy acts.

John 16:12-15

“I have much more to say to you. It is more than you can handle right now.

But when the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own. He will speak only what he hears. And he will tell you what is still going to happen.

He will bring me glory. That’s because what he receives from me he will show to you.

Everything that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said what the Holy Spirit receives from me he will show to you.

Scripture Response: “Holy Spirit, Hear Us” vs. 2377VU

Solo:  Ron Tidy  “Every Day is a Gift from the Lord”

Morning Message:  “Celebrate One Another”Rev. Jim Gill

Wowsers! This is our first Celebration Sunday in 3 years! That in itself is worth celebrating. Not with the traditional Dominos pizza meal served to all in Bronte Hall but there will be cake to enjoy during coffee hour. Celebrating each other and everyone’s accomplishments is a great opportunity for “one-anothering one another,” as we discussed last week.

Don’t we all feel the need to really celebrate with so many postponed birthdays, postponed weddings, postponed graduations, and postponed commencements since March 2020? We had high hopes this year to celebrate with the Raptors and even much higher hopes to celebrate with the Leafs. Oh well, there is always next year. At least the Jays are well above 500 and the Argos start soon.


June is a traditional time of major celebrations. There have been many already this year with proms, graduations, end of season sports and activities. Today we celebrate Trinity Sunday with believers in western Christianity. Each spring, depending on when Easter falls, we have the pivotal trio of celebrations with three Sundays in a row one after another.

First – Ascension Sunday. Second – Pentecost Sunday and then Third – Trinity Sunday. This is that third of the trio of Sundays when we celebrate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, that is the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Although the actual word “Trinity” never actually appears in the Bible, it is taught to us in Matthew 28 and 2 Corinthians 13, among many other biblical passages. For example, our Gospel reading this morning gives us an important glimpse of the Trinity when Jesus says, “All that the Father has is mine.” This is Jesus promising the gift of the Holy Spirit which will be sent to the Church at Pentecost.

The concept of the Trinity can never be completely understood, defined, explained or rationalized, but it is clearly outlined in the New Testament. Why, you ask, can the Trinity never be completely understood? If we could completely understand the Triune mystery of God we would either be God or be God like in character, which we clearly are not – though we are made in God’s image.

So, on this Walton Celebration Sunday we celebrate much more beyond this mid-June transition from Sunday School to Junior Youth, Junior to Senior Youth, and Senior Youth to adult members of our Walton family. Traditionally we also celebrate now the end of the active church year, which begins at Rally Day in mid-September and runs to this Sunday in June, following the school year in many ways.

What else do we celebrate on this celebration Sunday, 2022?  First- we celebrate the Grade 3 Bible presentations held today. What an easy version of the Bible, the Action Bible, which we give the Grade 3s to both read and look at. It clearly tells the story of scriptures in a user-friendly format. But you know it is not just for Sunday School kids; anyone is welcome to use it.

The good news is that here in Canada, reading this or any Bible will not get any of us in trouble with the government. Other places in the world that is not the case. The Bible, the faith, the church and the message of Jesus are not only suppressed but persecuted. This is just one of the many freedoms we will celebrate in a few weeks on Canada Day, that we can freely give, receive and read the Action Bible here.

Second – we celebrate today that this is the first time since this pandemic began that we are serving food on Sunday. Well, I know cake isn’t exactly a food group in the Canada Food Guide, but still we are eating together.  Step by step we are moving back into those activities we so often took for granted before March, 2020 and have yearned for over this last while.

Third – we celebrate that we have the instant technology connecting us all. Imagine if Covid had hit back in 1990 instead of 2020. Imagine the isolation. Someone in the congregation tells me she goes to bed every Sunday night with me. No scandal here to report. Apparently this person watches the services in bed before going to sleep for a restful evening of shut eye. Now this is not due to the boring sermons, but due to the whole service experience settling her soul from the worries and stresses of each week. Others tell us that they worship with us from their cottages, trailers, waiting in at an airport gate, on the GO train or from their outdoor deck, just to mention a few places our virtual services are appreciated.

Fourth – we celebrate those who have in so many ways, both seen and unseen, both big and small, kept Walton being Walton. If you had said to me on New Year’s Eve 2019, “Jim for most of 2020, most of 2021 and the first part of 2022 there will be no live worship services Sunday mornings at 2489 Lakeshore Road West in Bronte,” I would probably have asked if I should call 911 for you.

If you told me we would in the first two years of the 2020s build and pay for an over $200,000 new commercial kitchen? If you told me we would welcome so many new people to our Walton Family of faith? If you told me that between May 5 and June 1 of this year we would reach 6,012 people through our social media alone? If you told me that for the last 27 months we would not be passing the offering plates up and down the aisle each Sunday morning, yet the bills would be paid, the doors would still open, no staff would be laid off and we would raise nearly $10,000 for Ukraine relief this year?  Again I would probably ask you if I should call 911, for you must have hit your head.

Fifth – we celebrate today that we have only one God. We are what is called monotheistic versu

s polytheistic in our understanding of God. One versus many is the focus of our worship. However, as he has in the past, as he does in the here and now, and as he will in the future yet to come, God continues to reveal himself to us as the one in three. God the Heavenly Parent, the Creator of this wonderful world and the Creator of you and me. God the Son, Christ the Saviour who taught, died, rose, ascended, and sent God the Holy Spirit, our comforter and advocate.

Today I am sure you can create your own list of celebrations. Thank you, God.

Pastoral Prayer

Almighty God known as wisdom before the dawn of creation,
Lord Jesus Christ – perfect love made flesh,
Holy Spirit of God – ever present,
O Hidden Source of Life wrapped up in perfect Trinity, we meditate upon the great and gracious plan which you have brought to pass, that women and men like us should look beyond creation to worship you the Creator of all things.
In the beginning,
You the uncreated moved across the face of deep and brought out space and time and then material substance:
The atom and the molecule and the crystalline form:
Then the first germ of life and the long upward striving of all things: that swim and creep and fly:
And then the miracle of intelligence and consciousness ;
The beginning of mystery and the building of the first altar;
And then the saying of the first prayer;
O hidden love of God,forgive us for those times when we have taken this mystery for granted and forgive us all the more for the times when we thought that we had unravelled the mystery and thought that we knew it all –
the how, the where and the why.
Almighty God, let us not harbour anything in our hearts that might spoil our fellowship with you or with one another; work with us and with you;
Do what you will with us;
Make of us what you want of us;
Change us as we need changed
Use us as your will requires –
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
( adapted from John Bailie “A Diary of Private Prayer” Thirteenth Day: Morning by the Very Rev. John Chalmers, Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday)

Anthem:  “We Believe”


Offering of Ourselves, Our Gifts, Our Tithes

We hear the struggles of others everyday, Lord, and we wonder how we can help. What can we do to make a difference? We lift our hands, hearts and gifts to you, to use each in whatever way is needed today, and every day. Our offerings will now be received.

♥  by secure online payment from your debit or credit card. Click here to go to our donation page to make a single or recurring donation. Multiple funds can be included in one donation by using the “Add Donation” button
♥ by cheque through the mail slot at the Church office entrance or by Canada Post
♥ by Text to Give. Donate securely at any time just by texting a dollar amount to 84321 (eg. $5).  See our Text-to-Give page for more information.
♥ by monthly PAR payments. To sign up contact

Offering Hymn: “Now Thank We All Our God”  vs. 3236VU

Offering Prayer

All:  We offer up these givings today as your blessing, as you have blessed our lives so abundantly.
May we live our lives giving and sharing and looking after one another, as you have taught us.  
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Hymn: “God, Whose Almighty Word”  vs. 1 & 4313VU


May the God of creation breathe on you,
May the God of all life sustain you,
May the God of all gods grant you forgiveness.
Go into the day
knowing your life has been touched by the triune God
You are cleansed by the mercy of God
You are surrounded by the love of Christ
You are filled with the power of the Spirit
(from the website of Patmos Abbey—The Order of Saint Columba)

Closing Hymn: “The Closing Prayer”   (on screen)


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