From Halton Presbytery: “Wrapping others in love through Prayer Shawl Ministry”

Wrapping Others in Love Through Prayer Shawl Ministry


“Everyone should have a prayer shawl,” Walton Memorial United Church’s parish nurse, Cathy Winn, said. “They’re a gentle reminder of God’s presence in our lives.” Hundreds of prayer shawl ministries have sprung up in churches across North America, in many denominations, in the past few decades.

Ten years ago, Winn formed a group to knit or crochet shawls for people who were “going through challenging times such as an illness, a loss or a death”. On a weekday afternoon, once a month, eight to twelve ladies meet at Walton Church in Oakville, for two hours, to knit, crochet, laugh and pray. Others knit or crochet in their homes, and bring the prayer shawls and prayer blankets into the church office after the work is completed.