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“SMILE!” Photographs may be taken throughout our services, programs and special events, to be used on our website, print media, or social media channels. If you do not wish to be photographed, please let us know by contacting the Church Office.

Stewardship 2016 @ Walton United Church, Oakville, Ontario

Our Stewardship campaign theme this year is: “Pitch in – we‘re part of a family!”  We will spend the next two Sundays (October 16 and 23) reflecting on the gifts we bring to our Walton family and beyond, through our time, talent and treasure.  Please pick up your Stewardship package in the foyer of Bronte Hall or in the office.  In it you will find, your Estimate of Givings form and a “Pitch in” pledge card which gives you the opportunity to express your interest in areas you would like to give your time and talent.  Join us on Celebration Sunday on October 23 to celebrate our Walton family (with cake – of course!)

Tree Removal

 The tree on the west side of the sidewalk leading to the tower entrance has had tocome down, for it was badly spilt on both sides. The Town of Oakville Staff could not hold it together with steel supports since the west portion, where it split into two, was so rotten. It was in danger of coming down on Lakeshore Road, the sidewalk, or Walton’s front lawn if we had a wind or ice storm.

The tree was the town’s tree and it was on their part of the Walton front lawn. The Town will replace it as soon as possible. None of this will be a cost to Walton. This is a huge change to our streetscape and our front lawn oasis, but we cannot risk anyone getting hurt.

FOOD SHARE FOOD BANK Thanksgiving Drive

Fare Share Food Bank

For some families who have jobs, their minimum wage does not allow them to get to the end of the month before they get to the end of the money.

Your generous support is much needed. Your food items will help these families from now until the end of the winter.

For the next few weeks you will see specially decorated boxes at all entrances of the church. Please donate each week up to and including October 9th.

Monetary donations are also gratefully accepted. They are used to buy perishable food items. Please donate through your envelopes or church office,clearly noting “Foodshare Food Bank Donations”.

You can also visit the Foodshare website at: to get more information about our current needs.


Socks needed for Wesley Day Centre~ November 20th

Socks for Wesley @ Walton United Church

As we’ve told you, we are booked to work in the Kitchen at the Wesley Day Centre in Hamilton on November 20th , 2016, to supply and serve dinner to approximately 250 persons.

We have the money we need, $450.00, from your kind donations, but we would also like to take along a pre-season gift for each dinner participant.

We have decided on a mug because “its nice to have your own”, containing a pair of new warm winter socks; thermal, insulated, cuddly , something that would be comforting in the cold winter on the streets.

We have met our goal and collected enough mugs for this project – thank you so much. Now, we need to concentrate on collecting socks. If you would like to donate a pair of new socks, please leave them in box in front of the Church Office. To those who have already done this, thank you for helping; we found your donation and we are grateful.


Mitten Tree @ Walton United Church, Oakville, Ontario

The Mitten Trees are going up for the month of November!

Please bring us new mittens, gloves, toques, hats, scarves to decorate with.

Something warm to wear is something we can do for others.

We’ll be on the stage in Bronte Hall for the month of November.


muffin-images-1104588On Saturday, October 22nd, we are looking for volunteers to back muffins, loaves or scones for the Don Besig Choral Worship on Oct. 22 nd . We also need volunteers for the kitchen that morning, if you are able to help out, please contact Linda Fletcher through the Church Office.


 In respect and consideration for those with allergies or sensitivities at church, please:

– limit the use of scented products (i.e. perfume, body lotions, after shave)
– avoid bringing heavily scented flowers (i.e. lilies, hyacinths)
– avoid using strongly scented cleaning products in the church building
– do not bring peanut products into the church building
– smoke at least 9 metres (30 feet) away from any church entrance

Jelly Jars – Reuse/Recycle!

Jelly Jar

If you have leftover jelly jars and have no need for them our Jam /Jelly makers do. Please drop off your clean jars to the Church Office.
Thanks so much!!


Available in the Church Office – $4.00 per jar. All proceeds to Walton Treasury to fund programs and ministries.


If you have any blank paper (any colour) your company is discarding, the Church Office can make good use of the paper.  We can always us 8½ x 11 or 8½x14. if you have access to any spare paper, please contact the Church Office. We can use plain business envelopes (or window envelopes) with address labels, we cover over the previous name. Thank you!


Beautiful handmade baby flannelette blankets are available for $25.00 through the Church Office. Various colours and patterns are available. Partial proceeds to the Walton Treasury

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