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Christmas Benevolent Fund Memorials

Everyone has the opportunity of making a special Memorial Gift to Walton at Christmastime, in memory of a loved one, friend or family member.

You are invited to make your memorial gift:

• By credit/debit card through the website by clicking here,
• By cash/cheque through the church office — remember to attach your dedication message.

These memorial donations will be dedicated at a special time in the worship service on Sunday, December 18, 2022. This list will also be emailed out after Christmas. In order for your donation to be included in the Christmas Dedication, it must be received by Friday, December 17th, 2021.

Benevolent Fund

All Christmas Memorial donations will go to the Benevolent Fund, which is a confidential fund, managed by Rev. Gill with help from other staff, to help people in need due to illness, unemployment, or some unexpected accident, setback or tragedy. Every year it helps people in the congregation in need through financial and material assistance, it also helps those in the community and occasional transients who stop by the church looking for assistance.

All donations to the Benevolent Fund receive a tax receipt.

Memorial Poinsettias

You are welcome to purchase a Memorial Poinsettia for Christmas. This year the Memorial Poinsettias will help decorate our Sanctuary and entrance areas for the Advent and Christmas season.

Sorry, no take-home orders will be available this year.

If you would like to purchase a Memorial Poinsettia in memory of a loved one, friend, or family member, please place your order for either a 6” red, white, or pink poinsettia for $12.00 before Sunday, November 20th.

You can order online by credit/debit card, email Val at, or call the church office at 903-827-1643.

The flowers will be placed in the Sanctuary for the worship services on Sunday, November 27th. Memorial poinsettias will be included on the list of Christmas memorials which will be dedicated by Rev. Jim during the Sunday, December 18th service.

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