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Help send a kid to camp

Over the years the Walton congregation has supported the Kerr Street Mission in sending children from low-income families to summer day camp.

To ensure that all eligible children are able to be a part of camp this summer we need your support. It costs $32 per day to allow a child to participate.

Please sponsor a day or two (or more!) and make a difference in a child’s life. This can be done online at the Walton website or through the church office


For over 10 years, Walton’s Outreach Committee has been collecting items to make personal care kits.

Many volunteers have sewn the bags that the personal care items are collected in. The bags are taken by people to fill as they do their weekly shopping and then return them to the church. Some parents have used them as a teaching tool for their young people; who seem to love filling the bags.

One of the Outreach Committee members looks after all the Personal Care Kits that come in and all the other personal hygiene items which arrive in our collection box. They check all the contents and when a certain number of Kits have been collected, the bags are delivered to places like Kerr Street Mission for distribution.

Items for personal care kits are still needed. Please contact the church office to arrange to drop them off.

☐ Brush / Comb
☐ Deodorant
☐ Disposable Razors
☐ Hygiene Items
☐ Shampoo / Conditioner
☐ Shaving Cream
☐ Soap
☐ Socks
☐ Toothbrush
☐ Toothpaste
☐ Towel – Bath or Hand
☐ Underwear
☐ Washcloth