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Poinsettia Orders

Anyone has the opportunity of making a special Memorial Gift to Walton at Christmas time.

Suggestions of memorials this year is this — donate a virtual poinsettia in memory of someone. (Logistically due to covid this is the safest way to do it.)

The cost for a virtual poinsettia is a minimum donation of $10.00 and donations to the Walton Benevolent Fund.

Please donate online (using the form below) or contact the church office at to make your donation, either virtual flowers or benevolent fund.

The deadline for donations Wednesday, December 16th. These memorial gifts will be made into a list and will be emailed out to all those who donated by early in the New Year. They will be dedicated in the Virtual Service on Sunday, December 20th.

What is the benevolent fund? This confidential fund, managed by Rev. Gill with help from some of the staff, is to help people in need due to Covid, illness, unemployment, unexpected accident, setback, or tragedy. Every year it helps people in our congregation and in the wider community who are in need, through financial and material assistance. The work of the fund remains highly confidential to allow for anonymous support of people in need. For more information, please speak to Rev. Jim Gill