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Walton Youth group @ Walton United Church, Oakville, Ontario


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Senior Youth (Grades 9 – 12)

Our Senior Youth Group (SYG)  is focused on teenagers in grade 9-12. We get together every Friday night (7-10pm) for activities, have discussions, watch movies or just have fun. Every Sunday morning the youth are invited to join our Teen Talk during the 9:30 service. Other events available for this group include weekend retreats, one in the fall and a summer camping trip.

The Youth are absolutely vital to the survival of the church and finding new and creative ways to engage them is not the task of one person. The senior youth are blessed with a group of young adults who volunteer their time to help these young people explore their faith in a non-threatening environment.

The members of the Walton Senior Youth are helping this program to evolve into something that can meet their spiritual needs. This world can be lonely and there are few places left that desire to bring deep spirituality into the lives of young people; Walton hopes to be one of those rare places. If you know of someone who might want to join the group please feel free to contact the Church Office or email

Teen Talk on Sundays

This is an exciting program for the students in High School. Teens meet each week in The Gathering Room for inspiring and thought-provoking discussions. This is a great opportunity to explore their faith and learn more about the bible, our church and their place in the world.

Sunday mornings from September to June we meet in the Boardroom at the 9:30 am service.

This week’s Sunday School & Youth Group News


Diary of a Godly Kid @ Walton United Church, Oakville, Ontario

We continue our Diary of a Godly Kid series, helping the children learn that God is happy with even the smallest things we do to help others, as long as we do them with a willing heart.

We welcome Alison King as our new Sunday School Co-ordinator. Alison can be reached through the Sunday School email

Reboot…. Sunday School is rebooting….

We need your help!  Wait, please don’t stop reading saying, “I don’t know how to teach?”  I did that a long time ago, I’m too old to do that?”  “I don’t have the time.  I’m so busy!”

Those are only reasons to miss the wonderful blessing of sharing God’s love and God’s Word, with eager, hopeful young eyes and ears. It is losing out on the opportunity to share your love of children and to help our Walton Children and Youth to see faith in action.  We are looking for Sunday School Teachers and Helpers to learn and grow with the Children and Youth. We are flexible, and we have a variety of ages you can share time with.  Lesson plans are provided, it is an hour on Sunday morning, but a gift of God’s Word for a child’s lifetime. Please contact Alison or Val in the office or for this amazing opportunity, gift and blessing.


Today we will continue talking about the Fruits of the Spirit – focusing on Kindness, Goodness and Gentleness.

Friday, November 25 – Junior Youth Group will be reading and drawing comics at the church from 7-9pm.  There will be time for games too!  Contact Susan for more information at


Friday, November 25-26th– Senior Youth Group will be having a Movie Marathon and Games Extravaganza No-Sleep Sleepover!  Click here for more details!

Teen Movie Marathon @ Walton United Church, Oakville, Ontairo

Come for a hour…or come for 24 hours!
Meals will be provided and sleep is optional!

We know that you all live very busy lives, so we wanted to make an event where people could come when they were able!

Craig and Wendy will be at church from 7pm to 7pm so you can come and join in the fun at any time!

For more information, please contact Wendy and Craig at


This morning in Sunday School we learn that despite constant complaints from the Israelites, God continues to come through. As we carry on with our Thanksgiving lessons, we learn how the Israelites turn from being grumblers to thank-ers. (Exodus 16:1-18).


Friday, October 2, 7pm-9pm –  We’ll will be spending an evening playing games at the church.  Bring your energy and meet in Bronte Hall!  Contact Susan Derrah at for more information.

SENIOR YOUTH GROUP (for teens in high school)

SYG is meeting at Cinemas to see Hotel Transylvania or The Martian!

Email Wendy and Craig ( if you’d like to join us.

Mark your calendars! Fall Retreat – Nov 20-22nd!